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Lash Perming Curler Kit

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Get the eyelashes you've always wanted with eyelash perms that give immediate and long-lasting curl for up to three months. Perm procedures can be performed lying down or sitting up, done by someone else or yourself. 

100% Brand new
[Type]:Eyelash Lash Curling Set
[Package Size]:approx.14.3*12.8*2.3cm(L*W*H)
Measurement Details in the attached picture.

1.Eyelash curling perming extra curler longer glue perm kit.
2.Fantastic extra longer eyelash perming curling kit set, the process of eyelash styling aid for your wide-eyed charming look, and this process transform your look into a charming and active one.
3.It is fast, efficient, hygienic, and ling lasting.
4.For professional use or home use.

Package Included:
1x Perming Solution
1x Neutralizer
1x Collagen Conditioner
1x Glue Remove
1x Glue
1x Manual
3x Wood Sticks
3 Pairs Silicone Perm Roos
3 Sheets Eyepads(18 Pairs)

1.Storing it under the normal temperature,keep away from frozing and directly sunshine.
2. Don't mix using the cotton swab for the different liquid.
3. Don't drop the liquid on the skin nor eyes, if happens, rinsing with distilled water.go to the doctor if necessary.
4. For the best effect concerned, no facial steaming-care in 3 days after solidify.
5.Keep away from children.

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