Colombia Bay

474 Support Bra for Sleeping

Regular price $ 4,299,100.00

Combining the skin-rejuvenating effects of Colombia Bay Bio Therapy technology with the top-quality materials used in manufacturing our Premium Shapewear collection, the Support Bra for Sleeping is the first bust-supporting garment that’s 100% safe to wear during sleep, with zero risks of skin irritation or uncomfortable pressure! 

●Made of a highly-breathable fabric, paired with the micro-perforated Spacer design, the bra allows your skin to stay cool and fresh during the night.

●The support bra is highly recommended to women that want to prevent bust sagginess, associated with the typical muscle stretching that occurs when you’re not wearing a bra. 

●The active ingredients in the Bio Therapy micro-capsule coating will gradually be released throughout the night, hydrating your skin and preventing early wrinkling of this sensitive area!

●With comfy and supportive wide shoulder straps and adequate bust support, you’re in for a great night’s sleep!

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